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Download AS Physics Handbook

The new AS Physics Handbook for students is now available

A-Level Physics Handbook
A-Level Physics Handbook


A-Level Physics Handbook

here (doc format)   or  here (pdf)  or   here (zip format)

A-Level Science Handbook 2011/12

You can now download the NEW AS  Physics Handbook

as doc format from here or   here (PDF)  format from here (ZIP)

Arizona : Images


Arizona Images   uploaded at  my  Flickr Gallery

Escape to Freedom…..

This is the start of a Golden Age of Freedom. Open Source provides many opportunities for schools to break away from the shackles of expensive license and purchase agreements that are often related to proprietary software. Discover a new global phenomenon, and global community with a common purpose: freedom to download, freedom to modify, and freedom to distribute!



Resources for Sharing


Now here is another resource, provided by students of science:



This is the new location of  www.goscience.org