Acid Rain

What are the effects of acid rain?

Swine Flu (Symptoms)

(Image: Public Domain Centers for Disease Control and Prevention > Key Facts about Swine Influenza (Swine Flu) Retrieved o­n April 27, 2009) Here are some useful other resources about Swine […]

Huntington's  Disease

Huntington’s Disease(HD) is a degenerative brain disorder. It is a hereditary disorder which has devastating effects o­n the health of the individual….. At the moment there is no effective treatment […]

What is homeostasis?

What exactly is Homeostasis?  What examples exist in living things? The property of a system,  whether living or non-living,  to maintain its internal environment is known as Homeostasis.  This is […]

A recently discovered  phenomenon, Global Dimming, is now being recognised by scientists as real and needs to be addressed urgently…. What exactly is global dimming? Global dimming is a recently […]

Health effects of food additives

If you need to study a controversial topic, look no further!    Two quite polarized views can be identified.  First,  we have the massive great food conglomerates, backed by food organisations.   […]

Here are some revision activities for GCSE Applied Science:  Communications Global Networks  Routing      Sports Photographer TV Gallery  Ofcom  Communications Business You can download the ZIP package, to try o­n your own computer […]

Applied Science : Materials : Revision Activities

Looking for revision activities o­n the (Applied) Materials Module?  Here are some exercises you can try….. The first few revision exercises have been uploaded at….Classes of Materials (Cloze) Materials […]

Life care : Revision Activities

Here are a number of o­nline activities to help you with revision sessions for Life Care (21st Century Science), All these activities were made using Hot Potatoes software. 1.  Bones Cloze Activity […]