Evidence for Evolution

Here are some useful o­nline resources for a study of  ‘Evidence for Evolution’ The following websites  provide useful information resources  for the evidence for evolution…. Becoming Human is a superb resource.   […]

1.  Bones Cloze Activity 2. Bones Match Activity 3. Cardio Match Activity 4. Life Care X Word Activity 5. Muscle Biopsy Sequence Activity 6. Paramedics: Cloze Activity

Ourgallery : Resources for teachers and students..

Our website, http://www.webucate.org/ourgallery/  , provides a range of resources for science teachers and students.  Visitors can download and use any of the resources in non-profit, educational applications. Here are some typical screenshots […]

Asthma: A Case Study

Almost 10% of  the population of Michigan, over 870,000,  suffer from Asthma.  There has been a 15% increase in cases of Asthma since the late 1980s in the state of Michigan, USA. […]

Acid Rain

What are the effects of acid rain?

Swine Flu (Symptoms)

(Image: Public Domain Centers for Disease Control and Prevention > Key Facts about Swine Influenza (Swine Flu) Retrieved o­n April 27, 2009) Here are some useful other resources about Swine […]

Huntington's  Disease

Huntington’s Disease(HD) is a degenerative brain disorder. It is a hereditary disorder which has devastating effects o­n the health of the individual….. At the moment there is no effective treatment […]

What is homeostasis?

What exactly is Homeostasis?  What examples exist in living things? The property of a system,  whether living or non-living,  to maintain its internal environment is known as Homeostasis.  This is […]