GCSE Physics X-Rays in Medicine : Waves : Light and Sound : Circuits 1 : Circuits 2 : Latest……. Circuits 3    Pressure    Atoms […]

Here are the latest revision questions for CIE Physics  (all multiple choice questions) 1. Physical Quantities, Units and Measurements 2. Electromagnetic Radiation 4.  Electromagnetism and The Motor Effect […]

KBase now open

Dr.Overy’s KBase is now open  

  Looking for an introduction to GM Foods? Genetically modified (GM) food is a term mainly associated with the production of crops.  These crops have had their genetic structure altered […]

Mobile/Cell  Phones

Mobile Phones : (Part 1) There is evidence that mobile phones can be incredibly useful. This is the case for use in emergencies  when users require assistance to medical treatment or […]

Using Infra-Red Radiation

There are many applications used in the home and in leisure activities,  in support and rescue services, by the communication industry, scientific research, and by the military. Wikipedia provides an excellent starting point […]


What exactly is Polonium-210, and why is it so deadly? Polonium-210 was allegedly used to murder Alexander Litvinenko, o­n November 23, 2006. According to Britain’s Health Protection Agency, traces of […]

Here are some useful resources for the teaching of Adaptation and Natural Selection The following resources are available from the pbs website Evolution of  Camouflage  This website provides a number […]