Revision Activities in IGCSE/GCSE and AS-Level Physics and GCSE Biology

GCSE Physics

X-Rays in Medicine

Waves :

Light and Sound

Circuits 1 :

Circuits 2 :


Circuits 3    Pressure    Atoms and Nuclear Physics

GCSE/IGCSE Revision : The Eye

IGCSE Physics

General (Whole paper)

Density (1):

Density (2) :

Turning Effect:



Hooke’s Law :

Work, Energy, Power :

Alternative Energy :

Transformers :

Electromagnetism and The Motor Effect :

Thermal Expansion/Thermometers :

Latest  (March 2018):

Physical Quantities, Units and Measurements

Electromagnetic Radiation

3. Electromagnetic Induction
( Previous GCSE Activities/Resources)  :

A-Level Physics

Measurement and their errors :

Atoms and Radiation :

Electrical Circuits :

Electric Fields :

Magnetic Fields :

Vectors and Scalars:

Light and Sound (including interference and diffraction)

Forces and Motion:

Momentum 1:

Circular motion (1) :

Circular Motion (2) :

Simple Harmonic Motion :

Equations (Flash Player required)  :

The pdf version is  here:

Here is the latest revision quiz for International AS and A-level Physics

Electric Fields (2)

Here is the latest revision quiz for International AS and A-Level Physics

Circuits 4  :


IGCSE and GCSE Biology  :

Blood Glucose and Type I Diabetes  at

The latest GCSE Biology Revision Quiz (Multiple Choice) can be found here:

Biology Revision Pack  (download)  Revision Pack (Zip File) on a number of topics (Bacteria,Diet,Drugs, Diet,Hormones,Nerves)   B1 Revision (Bacteria, Diet, Drugs, Hormones, Nerves)

B1b Revision Pack  (download) Zip File containing revision sheets on Adaptations, Genes, Darwin,Man and Pollution,The Future

B1b Biology Revision Pack Download

Human Influences on Ecosystems : Water Pollution  Human Influences on Ecosystems: Water Pollution